These guys are the jam!!!
Very professional work at a very reasonable price. The best in town!
Thank you Fred and Chris!

Valentina Z. Los Angeles, CA May 19, 2017

I was passing by and I decided to go  and get an estimate for my car’s front tires . They guided  me through the whole process of choosing the right tire for my car . No pressure of selling on spot . I told them that I’ll come back another day . I went and got other estimates form other tire shop for the same tire  . Their price was the Cheapest . I change my cars tire there. They are very fast , clean , they also check my oil level and water level . Overall excellent experience. Thank you five speed motor

Hovik M. Simi Valley, CA June 18, 2017

They were awesome! Extremely helpful and professional. They showed me how my tires were worn down and emailed me an estimate for new tires. No pressure and they didn’t try to push me to purchase anything. Even removed an old inspection sticker from my windshield that I couldn’t get off. I’d give them 10 stars if I could
Thanks Chris & Andre!

Christina R. Los Angeles, CA September 3, 2017

My husband went here and got a great deal on his oil change so I went for one, too. They did my oil change & gave my car a quick over look to let me know my breaks were still good and I didn’t have any leaks. Fred was great & didn’t pull any of that “you need thus and that” BS. He was honest and respectful. I’ll be back here for sure.

Fernanda C. Central LA, Los Angeles, CA September 17, 2017

After my tire popped at work, I swung into the shop because it was convenient. They were friendly, fast and cheap!

Katie P. Los Angeles, CA October 4, 2017

Solid, fast service on a Sunday when I finally decided to accept that the high-pitched whining noise my car was making was probably (definitely) something that needed to be fixed. Five Speed Motors addressed the issues and had my car up and running (squeakless) in just a few hours. Thanks!

Sara M. Los Angeles, CA October 15, 2017

This place was great and honest about the work they do. Would highly recommend anyone to come.

Luiss T. Culver City, CA October 15, 2017

Very decent auto shop with terrific mechanics. They did a great job on my brakes and shoes and installed two tires for a reasonable price. Fred also threw in some light bodywork gratis!

P A. November 8, 2017

I am highly recommending 5 Speed motors because they have treated me well and always left me feeling that I was well taken care of and received services at a very reasonable price. Chris is taking care of me both times and he is very nice. This business is very establish with another location in Pasadena. This is the second location and very convenient for me. Come check them out!

Angelia M. Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA January 25, 2018

Absolutely incredible service, great price for both my oil change and brake job. Highly suggested coming here, it’s a pleasure and thank you for everything

Dustin K. Los Angeles, CA February 19, 2018

I’ve been going to these guys since I moved to LA 6 years ago. I was so bummed when they moved to Pasadena (because it’s kinda far from me), but I was soooo happy to discover their Silver Lake location (which is just 5 minutes from me). Great service, very knowledgeable and trustworthy!

Asia W. Los Angeles, CA April 12, 2018

Took in wifeys car for brake change and detail….very satisfied, family owned, new management is amazing Nick is great and offers great deals on anything you need

Edo A Sunland-Tujunga, CA May 19, 2018

I brought my car in for service and I am very happy with the service. Chris and Nick are very nice guys and they have best costumer service. They made sure that Im 100% satisfied. They went above and beyond to take good care of my car. Best prices best service and free car wash can’t compete with that. Thank you guys you gained lifetime costumer.

Robert R. Downtown, Glendale, CA June 19, 2018

I just moved here to LA and  have been trying to find a place to meet my cars maintenance needs. The service at five motors went far beyond my expectations. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating and the pricing was unbeatable. Just when i thought they couldn’t get any better, i got one of the best car washes my car has ever seen. I appreciate you all so much and ill be back soon.

Katheline L. Sylmar, Los Angeles, CA June 25, 2018

I had an amazing experience with these guys. Needed them to do an interior and exterior detail as well as an oil change. These guys made my car as good as new – even got rid of a stain I’ve had for five years. All for an extremely fair price. I sold my car for higher than Blue Book thanks to Five Speed Motors. Would 100% recommend and would use them again.

Michael J. Los Angeles, CA June 25, 2018